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Why do men get fewer likes on Tinder

Updated: Feb 3

First experience

In a week, I only received 20 likes and 3 matches on Tinder. Given that I was presented to over 99 girls, that's not very encouraging. I asked a friend for her perspective and found out she was getting 99+ likes in hours and most of her right swipes resulted in matches. I also gathered feedback from other female friends and found that they received high likes even without descriptions or interesting profiles. However, my male friends had similar experiences to mine, with low likes and few matches.


This leads me to conclude that men have lower chances of a match on Tinder. To increase the likelihood of a match, we lower our standards and like girls, we wouldn't normally consider. This results in matches that are not genuine. On the other hand, girls understand that their swipes will most likely result in matches, so they are more selective and picky about who they give their attention. Every like or match a girl gives is genuine, based on her assessment of the profile. However, she can never be certain if the interest is genuine or just a result of desperation.

Agree or disagree? Please let's have a discussion in the comments section below.


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