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We steal other dreams because we don't have our own

Our dreams are affected by societal norms and expectations. We feel pressured to persuade a noble career, vast amounts of wealth, and a nation of followers. It’s a pity trap that we all fall into.

Our 20s

While we’re teens we rarely think of what the adult future holds so we enjoy the time and deal with teen drama, as we should. When we are around our 20s we go to college, university, or any form of higher education and we start to realize that adulthood is right around the corner and we have no plan and what’s most important – we have no clue what we WANT from this world. Living in a democratic and capitalistic country gives you thousands of options to choose from and zero guidance on how to choose. That leaves the dream spot inside your brain empty for someone else to fulfill.

The capitalist

Money is at the top of the list of priorities because, in a capitalistic society, the most important virtue is capital. We can only fool ourselves that it doesn’t matter and act like a spiritual guru for so long. Eventually, we find ourselves struggling to pay the bills, go out with friends, travel, and experience peace of mind. We start pursuing money and that’s okay but when do we stop? After a certain threshold, based on your standard of living, you don’t need more money, yet you never stop searching for more.

Media has shown us these tycoons who have luxurious material wealth and they seem happy and proud about it. And they should be. However, for many people, the ideal life is not spending many years building an empire of money-generating machines. We still tend to chase the never-ending accumulation of wealth. We’re unsure what we truly desire so we steal other people’s dreams and think of them as our own. If the media shifts to show us happy parents taking care of their children, all of a sudden the whole world would dream to be a parent.

It's up to us

Spend some time thinking about what brings joy to your life. If you’ve never seen social media, what would be the best way to spend your time? Money is a resource to achieve your dream, not necessarily the dream itself.


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