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Should my partner be my best friend?

Updated: Feb 3

They have their own life

The idea that your partner should be your best friend is a common one, but it is important to remember that they are their own person with their own interests, experiences, and emotions. Relying on your partner for everything can lead to disappointment and strain on the relationship.

Who else?

It is important to maintain strong relationships with friends and family outside of the partnership. Sharing experiences and emotions with those who share similar interests and emotions can bring joy and satisfaction. This is why it is important to continue to nurture and develop friendships outside of the partnership.


Philosopher Epicurus believed that one should not rely solely on relationships for happiness and love, as they can bring about jealousy, miscommunication, and bitterness. Instead, he recommended distributing needs among all people in one's life, based on their interests and experiences.


Finding new friends who share common interests can bring joy and fulfillment. With the ease of connectivity through technology and social media, there is no excuse for not expanding one's circle of friends.

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