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How to motivate yourself to do anything

Updated: Feb 3

Our generation is lazy and that's a fact.

Gen Z is often labeled as lazy due to the ease of life that we have today. However, this doesn't have to be a negative trait. With a less intense demand on time and effort, we have the opportunity to focus on what truly matters to us.

Avoiding certain tasks can stem from various reasons, such as fear, boredom, or the perception of it being time-consuming. To overcome this, we must first identify the root cause and then adopt a practical approach. Here are a few examples:

Cleaning the bathroom

A neglected bathroom can become unsightly, but this can be resolved by having all the necessary cleaning tools within reach. Set aside a few minutes before your weekly shower to clean and sanitize the bathroom using a cleaning fluid and a sponge.

Working vs taking breaks

Excessive time spent on social media can be a hindrance to productivity. The Pomodoro extension is a helpful tool to track your work and break time. This awareness can motivate you to be more productive.

Have to cook three times a day every day?

Finding simple and quick recipes and having the necessary ingredients on hand can make cooking more manageable. Set a timer for each dish and use the free time for other tasks. Unfortunately, there's no hack for dishwashing, but it's a necessary part of cooking. Please let me know if you find a hack.

The point is if you have an annoying task, think about how can you do it faster, easier, and on your way to something enjoyable.


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